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We are a charity organization, we gather together with the perspective of reaching out to the less privileged in various approach as regards uplifting and uniting a nation.

We are in various countries around the globe and especially in the Netherlands, and also we have our activities all stated out clearly as to aid a conducive environment to those we are liable to reach out to. 

Administrative Team: Sj hart, J.Suares, L.Maria., S.Mathilda, S.Honely, Milusca Ocalia, Okeke Somtochukwu Charles, Randy Quamah, Stephen Okoth, Felixe Quansah, Samuel Atta Barnafo

Support Team {Sponsors}: Norwing Ricardo, Raymond Monte, Runy Margarita, Steven Dundas, Erica Wanga, Dudly Servania, Nelfrid Alejandro Roos, Angelo Maduru, Hc-one Care home

At this moment we are a non-government organization, so our activities depend on donatians. We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Our number is 709-425-95/000.


Our Projects


We have visited Ghana and we went to the village “Ajei Kordura”, We also visited the children at the “St. Thomas collage”.


S.E.G.H. has also visited Kenya. Here we have the family “Stevens”, who took care of the people, who are in need.


S.E.G.H. is also in Curaçao, where we support families with food and clothes. We want to start each week with a group of youths.

Our Goal This Time

Our goal is to make people happy and to demonstrate that in union, we can reach out a hand to the less privileged. We started in the Netherlands and are spreading in different National and Countries, such as Curaçao, Ghana, Kenya and are planning to continue in the other regions of Africa.

Our History, Our Prime

We started in 2008, where we gather together with the youth in ‘Buurthuis Hollendrecht’. Here the youth had the opportunity to come together and express their problems and frustrations and at the same time, they get trained as to empower and equip themselves, with various skill acquisitions. They come together each weekends with various facilitators to coach them. We have grown, by doing and handling activities as regards giving food to the people with necessity, giving them massage and also relaxing moments, like giving them food and something to drink, while they color on paper and they talk about their pains and problems in the Neighborhood center. Also with children from the different neighborhoods, we do house activities with them. We execute service and activities in different sections. We are working for the prosperity and dignity of humanity. We are not part of any political movement, but we believe in the Holy Book.

Our Projections

We serve in health and care, education and social service. Especially we want to prepare training for single women and for the children, we want to provide school and scholarship. There are many vulnerable individuals walking round and we want to be the helping hand, for the ones we can reach.

Shammah Empowerment Global Health - Charity for all

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Nonprofits around the world apply and join S.E.G.H to access more funding, to build new skills, and to make important connections.


People like you give what you can to your favorite projects; you feel great when you get updates about how your money is put to work by trusted organizations.


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Okeke Somtochukwu Charles

The Team

Our Administrative team


Ghana, Kenya, Curacao, Holland, Netherlands

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