Shammah Empowerment Global Health

Ghana, Kenya, Curacao, Holland, Netherlands


We have visited Ghana and we went to the village “Ajei Kordura” .We also visited the children at the “St. Thomas collage”. There we have seen the necessity of the orphans. We provided food and clothes for them. Our plan in Ghana is to have a place, where we can take care of 50 children and where they have a place to sleep. A place where they can feel themselves, staying at home and where they can grow up, till the age of 18. In this house they can be teached to have a better future, where we can send them to school and we can teach them to plant. Our plan is to have separate rooms for boys and girls.

They come together to eat and to do their homework. Here many children do not go to school. It is our great desire, to give them a helping hand with your support.




S.E.G.H. has also visited Kenya. Here we have the family “Stevens”, who took care of the people, who are in need. We help them with food and also a place where they can come together each week, to empower them in their talents. Concerning the youth who have children, we want to teach them in the school of beauty to make up hair and teach wellness, so they can stand on their own feet later. To continue with this noble project, we also need a building.

We also give helping hands to children to enhance their writing and reading skills through teaching and offering good children educational structure and schemes.




S.E.G.H. is also in Curaçao, where we support families with food and clothes. We want to start each week with a group of youth, who have little determination to take decision. It is of great importance, to help them with courses, to empower them for the future.

We receive donations from different friends and acquaintances, but to reach further, we need your help.